Six-Wheeled Tesla Model S Being Built By YouTube Genius

We always love to see what people do to transform their Tesla’s but this is something we haven’t seen before, and it does not disappoint.

YouTube creator, Rich Benoit, often uploads videos to his channel, Rich Rebuilds, of his Tesla Model S and Model X restorations. In his latest video, Benoit and his team start to create the world’s first six-wheeled Tesla.

It will be great to see the finished product, but fans are loving it so far. One commented:

“Now that’s a Tesla Right There!”

Another commented:

“Mind blowing how you guys actually come up with these ideas. Love these videos & I can’t wait to see this final masterpiece!”

It is difficult to say at this point what sort of terrain this Model S (or Model D as Rich Benoit is naming it) will be able to take but we are very excited to see what it will be capable of.

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