SpaceX And Tom Cruise In Talks For Space-Based Film


So, strap into your seats, because we’re about to lift off into the stratosphere of odd stories. Apparently SpaceX, NASA, and Tom Cruise…yeah that Tom Cruise, have been in talks to shoot a movie in space. This wouldn’t be the first time SpaceX plans to send a millionaire into orbit, but it would be the first time Tom Cruise rode in a real rocket ship (but surely not the last).

If there is one thing we know about mega-star Tom Cruise, it’s that he is a man obsessed with getting higher and higher. As is widely known, the actor’s variety of death-defying stunts over the years have usually not called upon the aid of stunt doubles. Cruise goes so far as climbing to the top of the world’s tallest building, without a harness, as well as hanging out of a military plane as it took off.

Where his past stunts were viable, if not eccentric, ways of shooting his Mission Impossible films, this next proposal tops them all. It begs the question, “is this even possible?”

Well, we know that SpaceX is about to certify the Crew Dragon rocket on May 27. Additionally, once they successfully carry NASA astronauts, they eventually intend to open up private bookings. Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese billionaire, was even announced as the first space tourist intended to ride a SpaceX craft around the moon and back, in 2023.

Also the Starship, which is the largest and most capable of SpaceX’s planned vehicles, just was awarded a major NASA contract to land on the Moon. These are the ships which Musk says will take humanity to Mars, so…maybe they could take Cruise to set? If that is the case, it won’t be until 2024 at the very earliest.

Who knows, maybe Tom Cruise is the shaker and mover that SpaceX has needed this whole time. With his unlimited charisma, we could expedite all of these very complicated timelines, and be on Mars by Christmas…all making Martian home videos.

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