Speculation Builds Around Tesla’s Next ‘Terafactory’


With every Tesla Gigafactory, the plans keep getting larger. First, the original Gigafactory, which has the largest planned footprint of any building on Earth, with an insane square-footage of 5.3 million. Next came their battery plant in New York, before the China Gigafactory, and now upcoming German Gigafactory. Well, those will all pale in comparison to the highly anticipated “Terafactory.”

What we know so far, is that the new factory will need to be somewhere in the middle of America, since it will be the hub of Cybertruck manufacturing. Of course, the Cybertruck is a product targeted at an American demographic, so the logistics of shipment will be substantially lower by centering the building process. Additionally, from comments made during the Q1 earnings call, the factory shall deserve the “tera” designation by outputting an order of magnitude more battery cell capacity than any other Tesla factory.

Tesla's Gigafactory 4 Will Begin Production In January 2020 In Berlin, Germany

This battery output, while probably much higher because of Tesla’s growing popularity and the battery pack size in the Cybertrucks, also hints at some other products being made there. For instance, the Tesla Semi, which will have massive batteries, would likely also benefit from a larger plant. Granted, this is speculation, but it doesn’t take a smart man to match these naming trends with upcoming product releases.

Lastly, Musk stated that the factory’s location should be formally announced as soon as next month. As soon as that seems, we have to remember the Chinese Gigafactory broke necks with the speed of its construction, and the German factory seems to be on track to do the same. Of course, with Elon’s sense of time to account for, the announcement could take a few months, but by the end of year we should know where this massive property will end up.

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