Take A Look Inside Tesla Gigafactory Berlin With This Excellent Drone Footage

Drone footage of the Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin has been published to YouTube. Not only has this shown us the true scale of the work, but some of the interior shots give us an update on the tools they’re using to produce new Tesla models.

Despite recent delays thanks to environmentalists and other legal issues, the factory looks like it’s quickly being set up for production of the new Model Y, which will be built using single piece casts, a structural battery pack, and 4,680 tabless battery cells. This differs hugely from the factory in Fremont which are currently building X, S and 3s.

Thanks to large single-piece casts, this factory should be able to churn out casts at a rate of about 1,000 casts per day, or about 300,000 casts per year from each of the machines found in the factory. There will apparently be 8 of these Giga Presses, and while the reason for this high a number isn’t yet known, it’s likely that Giga Berlin will eventually be able to produce over 1,000,000 cars each year.

Watch the drone fly through the Germany-based factory, enjoy the sights, and soak in the future of Tesla.

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