Tesla Bot Optimus Disappoints As Share Value Plummets

Elon Musk revealed the Tesla Bot last week and it has been mocked since.

Tesla stocks have fallen dramatically since the negative response, just today the stocks have been down 8% which is the biggest drop for the EV maker this year.

– Tesla Press Image

Since the release of the Tesla Bot at the AI Day last week, many fans and critics have taken to social media, and the main reaction that seems to be going round is that the Bot was underwhelming. One of the bots couldn’t walk and the other walked and waved to the crowd, but very slowly. Videos were released of the bot carrying out other tasks, however, this also did not seem to impress the viewers.

Fans and analysts will still be reviewing the release, so we are likely to see more feedback over the next few days and weeks.

Dr Jorge Caballero wrote to his Twitter followers about his disappointment with the Tesla Bot, drawing comparisons to the Boston Dynamics robots which are far more advanced. He wrote:

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, has come to the companies defence saying “only a few people understand the value of Tesla Bot” and that the robot will raise economic output massively.

Another significant event that has likely contributed to the drop in the stocks was the Q3 delivery and production results that were released yesterday. These results have fallen short of what was expected, even though some vehicles are in transit to customers already.

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