Tesla Build Its 1-Millionth Electric Car

Tesla has successfully built its 1 millionth electric car – the first ever car manufacturer to achieve such a thing.

Not long ago, sceptics didn’t think Tesla would get anywhere in the competitive motoring industry, but now the California-based company is building three vehicles, the Model S, X and 3, with several more on the way in the form of the Cybertruck, Model Y, and 2nd gen Roadster.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has now announced that the Tesla has produced its 1 millionth car alongside a couple of photos of the car and the team.

No other manufacturer has been able to come close to these kinds of figures with electric passenger vehicles.

Now, Tesla plans to build 150,000 cars a year at its new Shanghai Gigafactory, alongside the Fremont factory that builds a total of 500,000 a year. Currently, Tesla is producing around 40,000 cars per month.

What’s next for Tesla? Well, stick around TeslaReporter and you’ll find out!

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