Tesla Building Model Y Stockpile at Fremont California Factory

Tesla’s Fremont Factory car park has been growing a collection of Model Ys ahead of delivery which is beginning next month.

The Model Y, based on Model 3 architecture but in a crossover style, started production earlier than expected with deliveries planned for Fall of 2020. However, with things moving faster behind the scenes that first though, Tesla has already started production last month according to a recent earnings call.

First deliveries from the Fremont Factory in California will begin in March despite production already beginning, but Model Ys are now starting to collect in the factory car park, which Tesla is known to do when stockpiling stock for movement. These pictures from Noe Arribas on Facebook show you the stock buildup. 

The Model Y is expected to be Tesla’s highest performing car in regards to sales on its release, and with the Model Y Performance variant getting an updated range of 315 miles, it isn’t difficult to understand why this crossover will be so successful.

But why the stock buildup? It’s more than likely that this small batch is undergoing testing and quality control with any issues and fixes being discovered now. Also, with Tesla finding many issues when trying to keep up production for the Model 3, it’s no surprise that they’re taking it slow and treading carefully this time. It’s always good to learn from previous mistakes.

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