Tesla Continues Operations But Offers Paid Time Off Work For Employees

While Tesla is expecting to maintain its operations, the company has confirmed that it will be giving its customers paid time off work if they feel unwell or uncomfortable working in the Fremont factory in the Bay area.

It’s been very confusing thanks to conflicting orders from the state, but the Sherriff’s office has stated that the factory will need to shut down. The company’s HR department sent out an email to employees yesterday morning, which revealed that Tesla hasn’t had a “final word” in regards to the status of their operations with the shelter-in-place order in place. It read:

“We still do not have a final word from the City, County, State and, Federal Government on the status of our operations. We’ve had conflicting guidance from different levels of government. Until then, we are operating with Essential Employees only while all others are working from home, and working to incorporate all CDC guidelines into our operations.

“There are no changes in your normal assignment and you should continue to report to work if you are in an essential function: production, service and deliveries, testing and supporting groups as discussed with your manager. If you are not assigned to support an essential function, your manager might suggest a temporary relocation to support essential functions, or you may need to be on call.”

Tesla has also given more information regarding what payment its employees would be getting if they stayed at home during this time:

“If you are not feeling well, please stay at home and use PTO. If your PTO balance is low, you can borrow up to 80 hours (2 weeks), after you exhaust your PTO balance. Please inform your manager and follow the normal procedures for sick time. If you cannot or are reluctant to come to work, you can also use your PTO. Please inform your manager. You can also take unpaid time off, after your exhaust your PTO. You will not be penalized for your decision. There will be no disciplinary action for attendance based on health or impossibility to come to work.”

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, has taken criticism for his reaction to the Coronavirus. He obviously believes that the government is overreacting and that the panic and fear is worse than the virus itself. Because of that, it looks like he’s unwilling to shut down the factory. Let’s hope no employees are tested positive, as I’m sure Tesla and Elon would come under fire if that were to happen.

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