Tesla Critics Call For Gigafactory Berlin Production Halt

Another Tesla related fire has broken out, this time at the Gigafactory Berlin, which has now caused more production problems for the EV maker.

Fire departments were called to the Berlin Gigafactory around 3:33am on Monday morning to find a pile of burning cardboard. According to the Regional Office Oderland, several fire departments from Grünheide were on standby to help with the fire.

There have been reports that the firefighters found roughly 800 cubic metres of paper, wood, and cardboard. Water and foam was used to put out the fire by the fifty firefighters. Local police have said that the cause of the incident is being investigated. Forensic scientists were also called to the scene and thankfully no casualties or injuries have been reported.

Critics of the Gigafactory Berlin have been quick to jump on the latest drama claiming that this should call for a pause in the factories vehicle production.

Steffen Schorcht of the citizen’s initiative BI said:

“Our worst fears have come true. We demand a production stop until the causes and circumstances have been clarified, and all safety-relevant measures in the water protection area have been implemented,”

Another critic, The Strausberg Erkner Water Board, has released a statement saying:

“So, what can be seen there clearly confirms that extinguishing water seeps into the unpaved area. Considering the fact that the groundwater is unprotected at the site — i.e., without a water-impermeable cover — we see this with great concern,”

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