Tesla Cybertruck Production Pushed Back To 2022

It’s been confirmed that the Tesla Cybertruck production has been pushed back to 2022. And this isn’t surprising as almost every Tesla product has had a history of setbacks. Not long ago, the Cybertruck was having its production date pushed back to the end of 2021. Unfortunately, there’s a much longer wait now.

It was only last month that Tesla was looking forward to its 2021 launch with it announcing this during the 2021 Q2 financial results. Despite this, the company stood by the fact that the Cybertruck would only begin production at Gigafactory Texas after the Model Y, which hasn’t begun yet.

Model Y production is not set to begin at the Austin factory by the end of the year, so in hindsight, it comes as no surprise that it has pushed the all-electric pickup truck back to 2022.

Tesla has stated the following on the Cybertruck order page:

“Fully refundable. You will be able to complete your configuration as production nears in 2022.”


This update covers all the variants of Cybertruck, including the two top tier dual motor and tri-motor versions which were supposed to be coming first before the single motor. And as far as releases go, this is incredibly vague, not giving us any specific time to go on.

It’s no secret that Tesla is finding the design of the Cybertruck difficult, but despite this, it will still be one of the first all-electric trucks on the market. Not that this matters anyway, as pre-orders for the vehicle have reached 1.25 million.

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