Tesla Cybertruck Redesign For April Fools Joke Taken Seriously By Multiple Media Outlets Incl. Barron’s

Obviously we’ve just gone through the worst, and the best, day of the year: April Fools. This resulted in a number of fake and funny articles made specifically to make fun of parts of the industry. But an article from Carbuzz that poked fun at the Cybertruck was taken seriously by several other large media outlets including Barron’s. The thing is, it was very obvious that the original article was written in jest, but despite this, the industry latched on.

Carbuzz said the following:

“Overnight, the Tesla Cybertruck’s peculiar design became an internet meme, drawing comparisons with blocky vehicle models in 1990s video games. The sharp, angular design also raised concerns about pedestrian safety. In response to this feedback, Tesla has announced the Cybertruck is being completely redesigned.”

Obviously this would spark interested for readers – exactly what these articles are made for – but a later paragraph confirms it’s an April Fools joke, plus the fact it was released on April 1st.

“Production of the Tesla Cybertruck was supposed to start in late 2021, but the last-minute redesign means Tesla’s first electric pickup truck will be delayed until April 1, 2023. This will allow Rivian to get a major head start, as the R1T is slated to arrive later this year.”

“April Fools” was also clearly stated as a hashtag at the bottom of the article, but it was still taken seriously. In fact, Barron’s found quotes from the following”

Benchmark analyst Mike Ward said:

“When it was first shown, it was called a concept, which suggests changes are likely”

Wedbush analyst Dan Ives also said:

“With the Cybertruck not slated to hit the road for another few years, typical redesigns are par for the course as the engineers and designers finalize the specs. Tesla will be keeping the core Mad Max design and blocky unique look, which is the focus of Tesla loyalists.”

Barron’s has now updated the article with an apology, which you can read here.

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