Tesla Door Handles Cause Hilarious Confusion For Road Rager

We all have the guilty pleasure of watching road rage videos on YouTube, but this one is entertaining on a whole new level when a man fuelled with road rage tries to take things to another level but gets confused by how Tesla door handles work.

It’s not a new concept for car doors to automatically lock whilst driving over roughly ten miles per hour, however, Tesla door handles lock and then retract back into the car so they lie flush with the rest of the body.

Wham Baam TeslaCam show this amazing moment when someone is trying to get aggressively yank on a Tesla car door out of road rage, but has nothing to hold onto. Usually when a road rage incident gets to this level, it only escalates further as you go from having someone shouting in their car to shouting at your window and trying to get into your car. In this instance, the fact that the handles had disappeared seemed to diffuse the situation, giving the person a moment to calm down. The man goes from angrily slamming his hands on the Tesla window to then trying to open the door but in the moment of confusion of how to get the door handle to work, he just stands there completely bemused.

The Model 3 and Model Y have have handles where you push one end causing the other end to pop out and the Model S has motors that control the movement of the handle so those only come out in programmed instances, such as the owner walking up to the vehicle with the keys on them. The Model X handles are more like ‘door poppers’.


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