Tesla Drives Innovation: Model S Delivery Marks a New Chapter in Japan’s Electric Vehicle Journey

Tesla's Introduction of Model S and Model X Left-Hand Drive Versions to Japan Sparks Enthusiasm in the Land of the Rising Sun

Tesla has officially embarked on an exciting journey in Japan, delivering the highly anticipated Model S to eager customers. This remarkable development was showcased in a captivating photograph shared by one of Tesla’s prominent accounts, X, creating a buzz among enthusiasts and automotive aficionados across Japan.

In a recent post on a Saturday night, Tesla Japan took to X to announce the long-awaited arrival of the Model S in Japan, accompanied by a stunning image capturing the essence of a Model S delivery event. This announcement marks a significant milestone in Tesla’s global expansion, as the company continues to make its presence felt in new markets.

The revelation of Tesla’s plans to introduce the Model S and Model X to Japan had been met with great enthusiasm a few months ago. However, it’s worth noting that these electric marvels are initially being offered exclusively in left-hand drive (LHD) versions in the country, despite Japan’s right-hand drive (RHD) road system.

Although Japan adheres to the RHD driving configuration, it graciously allows the presence of LHD vehicles on its roads. This move by Tesla to deliver LHD Model S units to Japan aligns with their global strategy, as emphasized on the Japanese Model S order configurator:

“In order to sell the Model S around the world, Tesla will ship a left-hand drive model to Japan,” states Tesla on the configurator. “Only the left-hand drive version is available for purchase at the design studio. There are no plans to produce a right-hand drive model.”

As an enticing bonus for Japanese buyers of the Model S and Model X, Tesla is offering three years of complimentary, unlimited Supercharging upon purchase, enhancing the value proposition for these innovative electric vehicles.

It’s intriguing to note that historically, RHD luxury vehicles have held a special status as symbols of prestige in Japan. However, the contemporary automotive landscape is subject to change, and opinions on this matter are diverse. Some speculate that the absence of LHD options for the Model S and Model X might pose challenges in terms of practicality, potentially affecting sales figures.

For those interested in owning a Model S in Japan, the entry-level variant is priced at ¥12,969,000 ($87,355), while the high-performance Model S Plaid is available at ¥15,969,000 ($107,562). Meanwhile, the Tesla Model X SUV offers an entry-level option at ¥14,469,000 ($97,459), with the Model X Plaid priced at ¥16,669,000 ($112,277).

This momentous occasion of Tesla delivering the Model S to Japan heralds a new era in the Japanese automotive market. As Tesla continues to redefine the future of electric mobility, Japan now joins the ranks of countries experiencing the thrill of owning and driving these cutting-edge electric vehicles.

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