Tesla: Elon Musk Reveals New Feature That Plays Constant Elevator Music From Exterior Speakers

In a bizarre tweet from the Tesla CEO, Elon Musk has revealed a new feature coming to Tesla models that will allow the cars to play “snake jazz or Polynesian music through its outside speakers where you go”.

This only comes as a slight surprise after Musk has been very positive about elevator music on his Twitter the last few days, speaking out about how underrated the genre of music is. Snake Jazz, however, is an inside joke from Rick & Morty – a show that’s loved by many, including Elon.

Teslas have carried external speakers since 2019 after the NHTSA made it a requirement for electric cars to have some sort of road noise while in motion to alert pedestrians. Now, according to Musk, it will be an option to play constant music from these areas.

Musk is no stranger to a practical joke or Easter Eggs in his cars, with Fart Mode being a perfect example of this. Constant elevator music will be the latest comic feature to be added to the cars.

As required by law, the car must make a sound when traveling at under 19mph, so this new feature could very well be the answer to that. No further details are available yet, but we’ll be sure to update you when we know more.

In a more recent tweet to a customer complaining about insulation in the car, Elon also states that this will continue to be improved over time. Maybe it’ll keep out that random elevator music that you keep hearing when driving round town?

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