Tesla Faces More Production Mishaps At Shanghai Gigafactory

Tesla has had some production issues recently which looked like they had been resolved with indications of major expansion at their Fremont facility. Unfortunately, the EV company has now faced further issues with their Shanghai Gigafactory.

The China facility has faced production issues caused by the current country-wide heat wave and drought. The extreme weather conditions have reportedly lead the provincial governments to ration energy and water, according to CNN.

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The main area affected is the Sichuan Province which is in South-Central China, however, the rations have been put in place in cities as far away as Shanghai, more than 1,200 miles away.

Originally the energy and water rations were meant to close local factories until Saturday, however, this has now been extended for a further five days.

Tesla are not the only car manufacturer to be affected by these restrictions. Toyota, China’s largest auto maker, is just one of the sixteen other manufacturers to experience problems from this.

This isn’t the first production slow down that the Shanghai Gigafactory has faced this year, after the COVID-19 lockdown that was put in place in China in March.

Tesla have appealed to the local government to step in to help. The city has requested the Sichuan Province to send some more power, however this has received a lot of backlash as this power is being used for high-priority tasks.

The number to show how much this has really affected production have not been released yet.

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