Tesla Facing More Backlash From German Union Over Working Conditions

Tesla is facing criticism from German union IG Metall and politicians over allegations of unreasonable working hours and fear of speaking out at its Brandenburg plant. According to IG Metall, a growing number of workers have reported longer working hours with little free time, and many are increasingly fearful about discussing their working conditions due to non-disclosure agreements they were instructed to sign as part of their work contracts.

On top of this, the EV makers are also advertising for a “Security Intelligence Investigator” on the Tesla career website, which has rang alarm bells with workers who feel this might be to deter them from complaining about their working conditions. The job description states the Investigator with carry out the:

“Collection of on-the-ground information both within and beyond Tesla walls in order to protect the company from threats.”

Irene Schulz from ID Metall has said:

“Workers started at Tesla with great enthusiasm for the project. Over time we are observing that this enthusiasm is withering. Tesla is not doing enough to improve working conditions and is leaving too little time for leisure, family and recovery.”

German business newspaper Handelsblatt reported that local politicians from the centre-left SPD to the centre-right CDU have expressed concern about the allegations and called for inquiries by both Tesla and the local government. Christian Baeumler of the Christian Democrats (CDU) said to Handelsblatt, “The state government of Brandenburg must enforce occupational safety through close controls at Tesla.”

In addition to these concerns, it has also been reported that Tesla China has asked some staff to sign non-disclosure agreements. This further highlights the need for Tesla to address these issues and ensure that its workers are treated fairly and have appropriate working conditions. It is also important for the state government of Brandenburg to enforce occupational safety through close controls at the plant.

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