Tesla Kicks Off Solar Roof Production At New York Gigafactory

A couple of years ago, Elon Musk had an idea to transform the solar panel industry. Now, his dream is being finally realised as production of his long-awaited electricity producing shingles began at his Gigafactory in New York four months ago after New York invested $750 million in building the factory.

These photovoltaic glass tiles are sleek, with a look not indifferent to current rooftop tiles. They will produce clean energy for the home by allowing light to pass through the clear glass onto a standard flat solar cell. And while they do cost more than a standard tile, not ‘wickedly so’, according to Hugh Bromley who is a New York-based Bloomberg New Energy Finance analyst.

He expects a Tesla roof to cost about $57,000 for a 2,000-square-foot house. This is about $16,000 more expensive than terracotta tiles along with a 5-kilowatt solar-panel system, and $25,000 more expensive than plain-old asphalt roof with panels.

Tesla tested the product on several employees and is hoping that they can be rolled out to customers in the next few months.

Bromley adds that these new ties may do well in overseas countries that are use to more expensive building supplies and cars. For example, Australia.

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