Tesla Meets With Canadian Federal Minister Amidst Rumours Of Canadian Gigafactory

There have been many rumours recently of Tesla’s expansions, such as the recent drone footage over the Fremont facility showing potential extra building and the 53 acres of Megapack batteries to be built in Texas.

Well, it has been revealed that Tesla has met with Canada’s federal minister in charge of innovation, science, and industry, François-Philippe Champagne. This comes after many rumours that the EV maker is looking to build a Gigafactory in Canada.

This was confirmed by Champagne on Twitter where he explained:

“There’s a part of [Canada] in every @Tesla that you see on the roads and today I had a chance to visit their facility in Markham for a tour and test drive.

“I look forward to seeing Canada continue to be the green supplier of choice for the automotive industry.”

Elon Musk confirmed that the company is looking at sites in North America, alluding to Canada, during the annual shareholders’ meeting in early August this year.

Tesla met with Champagne at the Markham facility where the Tesla Toronto Automation Group is run, which is creates machinery that goes on production lines at Tesla factories across the globe.

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