Tesla Model 3 Almost Hits Oncoming Tram Thanks To Self-Driving Bug

YouTuber, Adam from Beta Tech OG, posted a video of him testing out the full self-drive (FSD) function on his Tesla Model 3, where it leads him into a running tram.

Adam said:

“Every day is different on full self-driving. Today was not a good day for my Tesla. Did some city driving in downtown Denver. My Tesla did the wrong thing at the wrong time,”

The YouTuber was out for the drive in Denver, Colorado when this happened. Throughout the whole drive, Adam seemed overall a bit disappointed with the feature, already picking up on a few issues such as the car unnecessarily creeping forward at a red light and indicating to turn left when the left turn was ‘no entry’.

Towards the end of the video, he stopped at a red light and put the left signal on. When the light turned green, the Model 3 started to the turn left in FSD mode as planned but did not seem to account for the oncoming tram on the other side of the road. Had the YouTuber not stepped in and reacted quickly by turning the steering wheel the other way, he would have collided with the tram. He said:

“My car would have just smacked into that tram. I’m going to send that over to Tesla, but that is not OK,” 

It is very unclear at this stage as to whether this is a random, hopefully one-off error, or if there is an issue with the new FSD system. What is interesting to see if that the FSD seems to detect the tram but does not react. Tesla have not commented at the moment.

Tesla are still improving the FSD function over time, but they seem to have a long way to go to get complete driver trust in it.

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