The Tesla Model 3 Is faster Than Advertised

With more and more customers starting to receive their new Tesla Model 3s, some have already braved the track and the drag strip in their new electric car. First of all, let me stress that these are public tests, but they’re starting to paint a picture of the Model 3 being a lot faster than Tesla has been advertising.

Tesla has advertised a 0-60mph time of 5.1 seconds, but DragTimes has achieved a time of 4.6 seconds with an early production vehicle. That’s 0.5 seconds faster than the advertised time, and in this industry, 0.5 seconds can make all the difference. In fact, this time is only 0.3 seconds off the base version of the Tesla Model S. Maybe that’s the reason behind the bloated figures?

An obvious differentiation needs to be set between the Tesla products, and by understating its performance, it sits the Model S and Model 3 in separate market segments.

Although, Elon Musk has stated that a possible performance version – powerful dual motors and a larger, more powerful battery – maybe coming later this year, but this was before the production delays pushed back customer deliveries. But we look forward to a Model 3 with ‘ludicrous mode’.

Here’s a race which involved a Model 3 and two Model Ss of various performance. It may wield an obvious result, but the it’s still a great watch!


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