Tesla Model 3 Gets A Bodykit Makeover From Startech

Yet another company has had a go at a bodykit for the popular Tesla Model 3, but this Startech kit goes in a different direction to the others we’ve talked about on TeslaReporter. In fact, I’ve never seen a Tesla with a nose like this one.

Like it’s taken hints from the Lamborghini Urus, this bodykit elongates and opens up the nose of the Model 3 while adding vents and, dare I say it, drag? There are new side skirts, too, and a rear bumper that adds additional creases to the originally flat design. These parts will set you back almost €2,400. Add on the wing, and that’s an additional €440. These are made from “high-grade carbon” and “PU-R-RIM”. I have no idea what that is, and it’s likely not important.

Plus, as is popular with Teslas at the moment, the manufacturer will also de-chrome your MOdel 3 by not wrapping, but painting the door handles and window surrounds. Inside they’ll scatter some carbon fibre around the cockpit and lay some Alcantara, too if you fancy it.

The new wheels at 20 inches, a size that matches the “decent vehicle lowering” that they’ve more than likely achieved through shorter springs. So far, there are no other mechanical changes.

Startech has most definitely made the Model 3 a little less bland, but I worry that these aesthetic updates would have a negative effect on the range of the vehicle through increased drag. And I really do want to love it because I love the fact companies are trying new things and incorporating ICE design into electric cars. I can see where Startech is going with this, but there’s something about it that puts me off.

Do you agree? Let me know in the comments.

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