Tesla Model 3 Owner Struggles To Fill Up Car With Gas

Here at Tesla Reporter, we would think the majority of people who are looking for a new car in this segment of the market would know that Teslas are electric cars. But hey, in the grand scheme of things, Elon Musk‘s wheeled wonders are new and maybe people don’t realise what’s going on ‘under the hood’. But we’d expect everyone who buys one of these cars to know exactly how they’re powered. Not only are you investing a large amount of money in these things and should know what you’re buying and why you’re buying it, but the silent driving would be a give away.

This owner hasn’t quite cottoned on to the fact his car, a Model 3, is an EV, and struggles to find the fuel filler cap, even looking in the trunk for an answer.

When he’s exhausted his attempts at filling it via the charging port and the trunk, he eventually finds the frunk and starts looking for an answer. This should really have given the game away… there’s visibly no engine for the fuel to power, but the owner continues to hunt despite the laughter and mockery from onlookers.

Dig a little deeper into the video however, and it turns out it’s been a fake all along. The man in the video is Paul Vu, a YouTuber witih over 100,000 subscribers. He has connections to the poster of the video.

So, yeah, I have to say it fooled us, but this certainly isn’t the first, or last time, someone has been filmed doing exactly this.

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