Tesla Model S Blown Up By Angry Owner

Finland’s Tuomas Karainen has shown his dissatisfaction with Tesla Motors in an extraordinary way by blowing up his 2013 Tesla Model S, and don’t worry, he recorded the entire thing.

As you can see in the video, Karainen explained he had a good initial experience with the Model S until a slew of error codes came up and he ended up needing a tow truck to get it to a Tesla service centre.

Tesla sent the owner a letter informing her that the car could not be fixed without replacing the battery pack, which would cost €20,000 ($22,480) and as the vehicle is now over 8 years old, there is no guarantee.

There was a worry that the cost would be much higher than this it might not be the only thing to repair or replace. The owner is furious with Tesla and has resolved to destroy the car using 30 kg of dynamite in an old quarry. Inside they also included a doll of Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, which was thrown out of a helicopter by his team.

However, the owner seems to be quite pleased with the result, even more so than from driving it. He believes he’s probably the first person to detonate a Tesla.

In any case, concerns about the maintenance cost of electric vehicles after the warranty period are genuine. Especially in Tesla’s situation, which aspires to have a closed ecosystem that doesn’t allow for many third-party services.

We’ve seen numerous reports about high repair expenditures and battery replacement fees. It’s intriguing that Tesla-repair experts like Rich Rebuilds have had problems on numerous occasions, with many reporting difficulties.

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