Tesla Model S Revamp Spotted Testing On Fremont Track: Possible Plaid S

What is suspected to be a refresh to the current Tesla Model S has been spotted testing on the track outside the Fremont Factory by Teslarati, fuelling the fire behind rumours of an even higher performance version of the all-electric sedan. With the Tesla Model Y and Roadster being spotted on this track, we’d assume that this means this new Model S will be coming to the market at some point in the future.

The Model S has only had one exterior refresh since it was first brought to market, and with rumours of refreshes circulating, we’re hoping this will lead to another revamp of the popular S, maybe even followed by other changes to the rest of the automaker’s portfolio.

The video shows a wider track, different wheels, and different foglights for this new Model S, as well as changes to the front bumper including vents for better cooling. Unlike the new Model Y and 3, you can’t see  the touchscreen on the dash from outside the car, so it could be that the interior is yet to be finished, or Tesla is still using the same interior layout as the current S and X.

Watch the video below to see for yourself:


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