Tesla Model X Plaid Update Spotted At Fremont Factory

On Wednesday, September 29, several Tesla Model X units were seen in the delivery yard of the Fremont factory which looks to be updated refreshes of the existing design. This indicates that Model X Plaid and Long Range full-scale production may begin this quarter.

It’s uncertain where the Model X Plaid vehicles spotted in Tesla Fremont’s delivery yard are going, but it appears that things are moving in the right direction. Because they are encased in protective coverings, the vehicles do not appear to be release candidates. Tesla is targeting a January or February 2022 start for Model X Plaid deliveries, with it serving as a strong start to the year.

Tesla Model X Plaid vehicles have been sighted in a number of states throughout the recent weeks or months. In July, a Model X refresh was observed driving on the 101 near Sunnyvale, California. The Kilowatts website reported seeing a production-ready Model X Plaid at the San Francisco International Airport, with theTesla in San Francisco wearing a Plaid badge and sporting Tesla’s 22″ wheels.

So far the Tesla Model S Plaid has received mixed reviews, with many media outlets targetting the new yoke wheel, describing it as a joke and asking why CEO Elon Musk felt it necessary to redesign the wheel. But, with performance far exceeding most other cars on the road, especially its ICE competitors, it has plenty going for it.

The Model X, being an SUV, will likely outsell the S, too. This could be an interesting time for Tesla.

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