Tesla Model Y Comes With ‘Off-Road’ Mode For Rock Crawling

With Tesla Model Ys now being delivered to their lucky owners, we’re getting flooded by new details that are coming to light after owners have done their own digging. Not only that, but Tesla has released instructional videos to help owners navigate their new cars, plus access to the handbook.

One new feature that has stood out at least to us, is a new ‘Off-Road Assist’ mode, that promises to increase the car’s off-road abilities by adjusting the torque supplied to the motors.

The handbook describes it as the following:

“Off-Road Assist is designed to provide overall improvements when driving offroad. In addition to allowing the wheels to spin, Off-Road Assist balances the torque between the front and rear motors to optimize traction. Off-Road Assist improves traction on rough and soft surfaces where one side of the vehicle may lose traction while the other side still has traction. When Off-Road Assist is on, the accelerator pedal provides more gradual torque, which is useful for crawling at low speeds (for example, over rocky surfaces). When enabled, OFFROAD displays on the touchscreen above the driving speed.”

While the new Model Y and existing Model 3 share a large proportion of their features, this mode certainly differentiates the Y from the 3. I’ll also be very interested to see just how capable the Y is when taken off-road, and will look forward to the impending barrage of YouTube videos that will surely be coming soon.

Would you take your Y off-roading? I think we’d give it a go…

Read the full manual below:

Model y Owners Manual North… by Fred Lamert on Scribd

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