Tesla Model Y Delivery Times Tripled If Ordered Without $12,000 FSD Package

Tesla have recently updated their configurator for the Model Y and Model 3 showing that they are giving priority to those customers who have paid the additional $12,000 for the Full Self Drive package. 

Looking at the Model Y, the delivery time shows as about six months. However, when the FSD option is selected, this changed from six months to just two.

If you are purchasing a Model 3, the difference is less drastic with only a month gained if you opt for the FSD system. 

This looks to be partly due to the dramatic increase in demand for the Model Y since its release a couple of years ago. Added to this is the recent environmental approvals for the new Gigafactory Berlin which is estimated to multiply its output by ten. Tesla has already promised deliveries in less than two weeks from the German plant. 


The cost of production seems to be increasing as well, especially with restrictions in battery materials like nickel. This cost is being put onto the customers with Tesla increasing the prices last week of the long-range Model Y and 3 as well as now prioritising delivery times. 

It currently doesn’t look like Model X or Model S deliveries are affected by this but we will be keeping a close eye. 

Although these recent changes will not suit everyone, the demand for Tesla’s are still incredibly high.

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