Tesla News: A Van Is Coming, But Not In The Way You’d Expect

Tesla has this quality of synchronicity; on one had they add insurance to their roster, so customers don’t get ripped off. On the other hand, they add cold-air boosters to the Roadster, because SpaceX can help with the technology, also driving a Cybertruck through a Boring Company tunnel.

Well, earlier this week, Tesla got some shade thrown their way by General Motors, who claimed they were going to beat them in the electric van arena. That seemed like a strange declaration, considering all of the other companies making electric vans.

Now it makes a little more sense, since Tesla seems to be working on a 12-person people carrier for their newly developed Boring tunnel loop in Las Vegas. The tunnel system, installed at the Las Vegas Convention Center, will use Tesla vehicles to shuttle people back and forth its length.

At first they will use Model X and Model 3 cars, but Tesla has been working on a rumored shuttle for this system. Now it looks like the shuttle may just be a Van.

With a 12 person capacity, the van could be both a shuttle for the tunnels, as well as a road-going car for regular citizens. Not much else is known, and this would probably go as only an experimental program for a while. Picture the alpha and beta timespan of the Tesla Semi, but a van.

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