Tesla News: Artist Renders Awesome Roadster 0-60 Rocket Launch

Prepare yourself, because what you’re about to see is properly wild. Honestly, it could be considered upsetting, because it will certainly shake up the “cars that go fast in a straight line” segment of the internet.

Although it isn’t real, CGI artist @Pslavi has created a rendering of how the Tesla Roadster may look while activating its cold-air rocket boosters. The imagined 0-60 run has some computer generated perspective, which accurately interprets the size of the vehicle while it flies down the track. It’s genuinely amazing.

Elon Musk has got the Tesla crowd, and the rest of the automotive world, excited and/or skeptical when he talks about the SpaceX package for the Roadster. Although the stock Roadster should come with a sub two-second 0-60 time, the one with “~10” cold air rockets would really put that to shame.

All of the space-craft engineering talent Musk has fostered at his car company’s sister endeavor would lend its knowledge for this one. The thrusters would supposedly come out from behind the license plate, and also situate under the car in certain positions. They would not only allow for faster acceleration, stopping, and handling, but perhaps even “flying.”

ICE car guys will no doubt naysay, but if this comes true, we will be actively living in the future. The Roadster has been described by Musk as “dessert” to the Cybertruck main course. It will come sometime around 2022, and cost at least $250,000, $5,000 of which is due upon reservation, and another $45,000 of which is due in 10 days.

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