Tesla News: Audi CEO Thinks They are Catching Up in Battery Tech

Audi apparently doesn’t think Tesla has a substantial battery technology lead on their German competition. Apparently, electric vehicles which seem generations superior to their counterparts, need to be worried about something called “seven-mile boots.”

We’re going to give Audi CEO, Markus Duesmann, the benefit of the doubt here. The guy has confidence, and he should. After all, it would take confidence to head a legacy car company.

In a recent talk with Markus Söder, Prime Minister of Bavaria, Duesmann was asked if the German car industry can catch up to Tesla. Well, in not so many words, he responded that he believes they are closer to catching up to Tesla than most would expect.

The “seven-mile boots,” would mean they have a lot of pep in their step, it doesn’t exactly translate well. This could either mean Audi has something up their sleeves, or that Tesla has been blowing hot smoke up our… boots.

Personally, I believe that Audi (and most everyone else for that matter) could make decent EVs as soon as they wanted to. Once they make the step of transitioning from adapted gas powertrains to “skateboard” systems, and stop artificially inflating the cost of their EVs, then they will be compelling for most buyers with brand loyalty.

Even if that were the case, the reasonable EVs from legacy auto will only be as good as Tesla EVs from a few years ago. At least in the battery, motor, and software components. For a lot of people, the leather seats, paint, and logos are more important, and that’s fair enough if they don’t mind 300 miles of range.

What do you guys think? Will third-party battery suppliers start closing the gap between Tesla and other brands? Did Duesmann just say this to spare embarrassment in front of his PM?


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