Tesla News: Autosteer on City Streets Coming to Tesla Full Self Driving ‘in a Few Months”

In an exciting new update, Elon Musk revealed that Tesla’s Full Self Driving will be getting an update to switch lanes automatically on city streets.

According to a Twitter response, Musk claims the feature, called Autosteer, will be coming in “a few months in production release.”

In the last month of two, we have seen Tesla begin to ramp out increasingly bold features to their long anticipated FSD suite.

Tesla’s autonomous features now will handle roundabouts (too stressful for me, thank you very much) and even stopping at traffic lights.

Advanced versions of the software, including the alpha build that Musk himself uses, can traverse traffic lights totally and handle Autosteer in city already.

That’s important, considering the price increase to $8,000 that the feature was just moved up to at the start of the month. At about the same time, Musk said that he sees feature-complete FSD being ready by the end of this year.

The Autopilot system has also been going through a fundamental rewrite, where all of the imaging will be made 3D from the ground up. This change will make the performance of the car’s cameras much better, and will have all of the data collected over the years applied to it.


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