Tesla News: Can the Original Roadster Tow Ford’s F-650

The Tesla versus Ford towing argument was first kicked off after the debut of the Cybertruck. Both camps were convinced that towing wars had something to do with either the instant torque of the electric motors, or some magic sauce that Ford had access to, which made Tesla’s torque a moot point.

Well forget the Cybertruck for now, and while you’re at it forget the F-150 too. Because today we will be taking a look at a pair of orange wild-cards, a Ford F-650 and an OG Tesla Roadster. Nobody in their right mind would assume the Roadster could tow the F-650, but would they be right? Maybe the Gruber Motor Company will change your mind.

Well, there’s a huge factor that contributes to this strange video; the F-650 clearly isn’t pulling back, it seems to be in neutral. Either way, the little Roadster, which was based off of a little Lotus sports car, can still move a truck that dwarfs it.

The F-650 has a monster 6.8L V10 that can deliver around 725 lb-ft of torque once it’s all wound up. On the other hand, the Roadster has around 290 lb-ft of torque, which is available right on the onset. Now, more would come into play, like weight and tire grip, if all things were equal.

Nobody thinks the Roadster would actually beat the F-650 if it were pulling back, but the silly sight of a Roadster going around with a super-truck on a leash can be nice. Next up, a hill climb!



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