Tesla News: Check Out The Official New NASA Model X

In anticipation of the historic crewed-dragon capsule launch, planned for May 27, Jim Bridenstine, NASA administrator, tweeted a sneak peak of a cool custom Model X. This isn’t some simple civilian vehicle, it’s actually going to act as a shuttle, carrying astronauts down the runway before launch.

The two astronauts who will pilot the SpaceX x NASA flight, Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, will be the first astronauts to take a car to their spacecraft. On the day of their flight, the pair will don their cool new spacesuits, and get into the NASA-themed white suv, before driving nine miles to the Dragon rocket.

Their ride has been decorated with a pair of NASA’s iconic blue logo on its front doors, with the equally iconic worm logo covering the rear windshield. One can only hope it will do some sort of easter-egg dance with its gull-wing doors as they disembark at Launch Complex 39A. It would be a fitting, if not distracting, goodbye before they set off for the International Space Station.

In the past, any sort of consumer product used by astronauts sees a dramatic increase in desirability. For instance, the Omega Speedmaster watches and Hasselblad cameras which went to space, are now known as huge collector’s items. It’s impossible to not speculate whether Model Xs will see the same effect. Maybe Tesla will sell some aftermarket vinyl stickers to commemorate the occasion. If they don’t… maybe TeslaReporter will!

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