Tesla News: Cybertruck Gets Expanding Solar Panels in Intriguing Video

Right when you start getting hyped about different electric trucks, something about the Cybertruck inevitably pulls you back in. The cultural dynamo will no doubt only get better before its release, but this newest feature would blow all of our minds.

Even though solar-roofed cars have been dismissed in the past, by Telsa themselves even, the technology has been improving dramatically in recent years. Aside from the obvious suspects, companies like Ford and even Lightyear have been floating around solar EVs.

Now feast your eyes on this rendered video by artist, Slav Popovski, who has taken the solar panels from his Moon Rover Cybertruck, and added them to an Earth-based version. They fold up from the bed, then expand in two directions, to get 5 kW of solar.

Granted, this is a fan created six-wheeled Cybertruck. It’s not the production model that we know will be produced. Regardless, the six-wheeled Cybertruck is also a good idea. By the time Tesla gets around to building the smaller version, why not make a bigger version?

By the time the product line has been built out to offer all varieties of truck and supertruck, no doubt solar panels will be much more efficient than their ~22% efficiency rating today.

That being said, other companies, like Sono and Lightyear are already on their way to manufacturing solar BEVs.

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