Tesla News: Elon Musk Goes Back On Cybertruck Changes

It’s a difficult dance to calibrate your expectations back-and-forth to the tune of Elon Musk’s fiddle. This newest change, which came during a weekend tweet, hit no differently. At least, initially.

The Tesla CEO, who has been hyping their futuristic new vehicle in tweets and trailers for this Wednesday’s episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, made the third announced adjustment to the planned size of the truck.

In response to a mention of the Cybertruck, and its bulletproof exterior, Musk said, ” Even 3% smaller is too small. Will be pretty much this size. We’ll probably do a smaller, tight world truck at some point.”

Now, the truck pictured has been described as barely able to fit in the average garage, let alone compact parking. Musk said at one point that they intended to fabricate the production model 3% smaller, then on the CNBC show, 5% smaller.

Even though the show was filmed before his comment of 3%, it seems like the trend here was fast approaching ‘nevermind.’ However, that may be a good thing, since many of the target demographic for the tank-like vehicle, only want it for the styling and would have prefered a smaller model anyway.

At least now, those who want a big truck can still have their tank, and those who want a compact version can just wait a few years, maybe even getting something better in exchange for their patience.

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