Tesla News: Elon Stands On Cybertruck, Details Production Changes To Jay Leno

This coming Wednesday, on the same day that SpaceX will be launching its Crewed Dragon into low-earth orbit, Jay Leno’s Garage will be airing a much anticipated Cybertruck episode. In the build up of what will undoubtedly be their most watched feature, they’ve put out a new teaser trailer.

In it, Musk talks about the changes coming for the production variant of the truck, which he sums up as “[taking] all proportions and dropping them by about five percent.” This has been talked about more formally since the recording of the footage, as Musk has said the whole Cybertruck will actually become 3% smaller, and have a more leveled roof-line.

Also, Leno asks about the glass of the windshield specifically, because Musk mentions visibility and the difficulty of having it slope so much. Musk responds that yes, the car will feature the armored-glass, as well as the 300-series stainless steel, which is famously bulletproof to handgun calibers.

In a fun behind the scenes photo, we can see Elon standing atop the truck-bed cover, which one could only assume was intended to demonstrate the strength of the mechanism. Like any showing of the Cybertruck, it really just acted as a springboard for memes. Ones have been popping up all over the CEO’s favorite app, Twitter.

I’m looking forward to the 27th as much as the next guy, but let’s hope the stress of the big day doesn’t spur any crazy Tweet storms!

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