Tesla News: German Man Orders 28 Model 3s Totaling $1.5 Million- Oops

Germany has recently set a path for hardcore eco-friendly recovery from shutdown, with their gigantic initiatives aiming at selling more electric cars. Looking to save a several thousand euro on a new Model 3, a dad quickly made a big mistake. Thankfully for us, his son, U/Ballon-Man on Reddit, made a TIFU post outlining the mayhem.

While going through the checkout process on Tesla’s website, the man had his order fail to process. Not wanting to miss the country’s double cash-back incentive, he continued to try to finish his order throughout the next day.

After looking up problems with Teslas website it became apparent that it wasn’t our fault but Teslas, since other users were having problems with the page aswell. So, we tried again. Didn’t work. So we tried again and again. Nothing, no order placed, nothing happened. At around 11 p.m. he tried a last time for today. Success!

The payment-processing glitch continued to mess up his checkout. Or so he thought. All together, they tried 28 times to purchase a base Model 3 with Autopilot, each one costing €52,000.

It wasn’t until later, when the father and son checked their Tesla account, that they saw the 28 pending orders, with a total negative balance of €1,404,000. They freaked out, and tried to cancel the orders, which is when they were met by the €100 cancellation fee.

Rather than spend the €2,700 on fees, they contacted Tesla customer support, maybe a little later than they should have, and were told to cancel all 28 orders, and start from scratch. Of course, the fees were waived.

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