Tesla News: In-House Insurance From Tesla Coming To Europe

Back in 2019, Tesla started offering insurance to owners of their vehicles. The program was a response to unreasonably high premiums on Tesla owner’s pre-existing policies. Tesla’s intent was to drastically reduce the cost of ownership of the company’s cars, by as much as 30%.

As great as the service seemed, it has still only been available in only the state of California. For everyone else, they have had to wait their turn.

Recently, Tesla has made a couple of new job listings on their careers page that may hint at this paradigm changing. In connection with Tesla’s Gigafactory in Brandenburg, outside of Berlin, they are looking for Program Managers in Insurance Product and Underwriting. In addition, they’ve posted a job for Program Manager for Insurance Pricing Actuary and Data.

The Berlin factory is still a good ways away from completion, but these jobs may hint at the company rolling out its insurance policy in advance. Even further in that direction, the company has listed another insurance based position in London, while rumours have been swirling that they are looking to build some sort of facility in the UK as well.

Where there is a little bit of mental gymnastics going on to make the leap from job posting to upcoming service, the stretch is understandable. Tesla has touted the product for some time, and it seems to be well received. If only red tape holds them back from releasing international insurance offerings, then it seems reasonable they would hire local professionals to get the ball rolling.

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