Tesla News: Model 3 Getting Some Model Y Interior Updates

As Tesla released the Model Y, which starting being delivered to pre order customers in March, some eagle-eyed drivers noted a few differences between it and the Model 3. One cool feature that it had, but its older sibling didn’t, was the the QI wireless phone charger.

The charger doesn’t come installed from the factory in the Model 3, but instead can be purchased as an aftermarket add-on.

However, Model 3s coming out of the company’s Shanghai factory, have been found to come with the same preinstalled QI wireless charger as the crossover Model Y.


Additionally, the Model 3, which has come standard with only the somewhat outdated USB-A plugs, now has been spotted coming out of the Shanghai factory with updated USB-C ports installed.

The idea of upgrading their lineup’s older models to feature the same improvements as their newest is nothing new for Tesla. As the Model S and X have gone on to get improved batteries and features over the years, which find their way back and forth between different cars Tesla produces.

At one point, the Model 3 had more efficient and cheaper to produce internals, which begged the question, “wouldn’t the Model S benefit from these new cells?” Well, yes, but the manufacturing process needs to be updated to take advantage of these developments.

The main reason we are seeing these new interior details coming out of the China plant, is that the Shanghai factory only recently started producing cars, and it started around the same time as Model Y’s were exiting the assembly line. It would make more sense to have only USB-C and QI charging in every car standard, when you’re starting from scratch.

The good news is, this will most certainly start to make its way into American-made Teslas in the near future. Hopefully, sooner than later.

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