Tesla News: Model 3 On Autopilot Slams Into Truck On Highway

In one of the most serious Autopilot wrecks in a long time, a Model 3 driving down the highway slammed into an overturned box truck without slowing down at all.

The incident was caught on video from multiple angles, all showing how avoidable the crash would have been if the driver were paying attention.

The crash happened this morning in Taiwan, where the large stationary van was lying on its side, blocking two lanes of the highway. The Tesla came down the road at 110 km/h or 68 mph, and didn’t seem to slow down before hitting it head on

I say “seem to” because there is a bit of smoke coming from the Model 3 before the crash, which has drawn speculation. It was either the driver realizing at the last moment, and slamming the brakes, or some debris getting his and smoking up.

Adding to the list of disturbing elements of this collision, is the fact the airbags didn’t deploy. Not only did the Autopilot not detect the giant stationary object blocking the road, but once it made contact, the traditional safety features failed to act as well.

Of course, there are many factors to every accident, and Autopilot adds a confusing layer on top of that. Practically every Tesla crash is newsworthy, because people like to speculate about whether or not Autopilot contributed or would have saved the day.

Thankfully nobody was too hurt in this instance. Neither driver went to the hospital after this crash.

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