Tesla News: Musk Calls Jeff Bezos ‘Copy Cat’ After Amazon Acquires Zoox

Elon Musk has been throwing shade at Jeff Bezos for ages. When there are two billionaires with space companies, the comparisons drawn between them are sure to fan the flames. Things are getting even more dramatic on Twitter today, after Amazon announced it was purchasing self-driving startup Zoox.

Since SpaceX and Tesla are the industry leaders in both private space travel and autonomous vehicles, it was no surprise that Musk took a shot at Bezos on Twitter. The light-hearted comment still caries a lot of truth, since Bezos definitely has been following Musk around like a little sibling… with over $100 billion.

The Spacex and Tesla CEO has been known to make controversial tweets in the past, so this isn’t surprising. He also has been identifying as a “meme necromancer” in his bio, and been doing his best to communicate in an irreverent fashion.

As far as the Bezo beef, the two probably don’t have any actual bone to pick. Bezos hasn’t clapped back, and probably won’t, since he like to come off as the mysterious Mr. Clean type, not saying much when he doesn’t have to.

In the past, Musk has facetiously gone “Jeff who?”after being told that Bezos was his competition. On other panels, the two have been painted as more supportive of one-another’s goals.

They do both want to see the world develop into a better place, especially for their bank accounts!

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