Tesla News: Mysterious Tower Pops Up At Ontario Supercharger

Twitter user @TeslaLondon posted a strange picture this week, of some sort of tall obelisk looking tower at his local Tesla Supercharger. After sharing his find, other users have chimed in with speculation around what the device may be.

As you can see from his image, the white monolith appears to be about 30 feet tall, with a break-out around two-thirds of the way up, that probably acts as a light source. The tower also seems to be set on  a concrete base.

With so many developments in the Tesla and SpaceX community lately, some think this could have something to do with Starlink internet service. That would assume this were some sore of amplifier or receiver tower, like the ones used for cell-reception.

Sometimes those cell towers are deployed in areas where they are disguised as trees, if that gives an idea of the scale of these sorts of things.

From responses to the original post, we can see that the tower was installed relatively quickly, within the past couple of days. As the concrete base was there this weekend, but the tower was nowhere in site. Only a dumpster and some caution tape hinted at the possibility of a project.

Another Twitter user, @jovanik21, responded with a solit theory, “They stacked the transformers on top of each other. Takes less area and doubles as a lamp post.” Which would make just as much, if not more sense than a 5G cell tower and/or Wifi antenna. @TeslaLondo says that as of last night, the tower is still not powered up.

What do you guys think? Is it a secret project, or just a convenient design for a lamp post? Chime in over at Twitter too if you know anything.


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