Tesla News: New Software Update Begins Rolling Out to Fleet

Tesla has just started pushing out some neat improvements with their 2020.24 software update. The OTA update has been rolling out to international owners, as well as early access owners in the US. Since the update has to do with the new stop sign and speed-limit visualizations, it will understandably take some time to reach everywhere.

Tesla has added features including, a cabin camera,  on-route battery warm-up, door lock improvements, dashcam viewer adjustments, and improvements to the backup camera. Most of these have been addressed on Twitter by Elon Musk in the past, in response to requests from Tesla owners.

First, the cabin view camera, which has been present but inactive in Teslas for years, will now be able to turn on. This has been explained by Tesla as for future driver less taxis, and the ability to hold passengers accountable. For drivers, you could turn it on to add more angles in case of any traffic event. Tesla says the camera will not “learn” the faces of passengers.

Battery preconditioning will now turn on when you plan a journey to a third-party charger. This worked with Superchargers in the past, and greatly improves the charge rate of Tesla vehicles.

Let’s say you’re loading the car with your friends, and every time you walk away, they car automatically locks. That was an annoyance that was mentioned on Twitter recently, now “Walk-Away Door Lock” can be disabled in the controls menu. You can specifically set it to remain unlocked at home.

A convenient update to the Sentry Mode Viewer, now lets you scrub through the long clips to an event. The event will be marked in red on a timeline under the video, and will show when the Sentry Mode was triggered. Some complained that the Sentry recorded far too many long clips, which they stopped reviewing because of inconvenience.

Perhaps the biggest upgrade for day-to-day usability, now you can view additional side-angle video streams while in reverse. The blind-spot cameras can be activated by swiping between camera feeds.

All of these are welcomed options and improvements. It’s pretty impressive that most, if not all, can be traced back to Elon Musk responding “sure” to tweets.

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