Tesla News: Rumors Swirl Around Possible UK Plant

Tesla has been expanding their manufacturing all around the globe, with their Gigafactories popping up in China, Germany, and soon the central US. Famed for their scale and the speed with which they’re constructed, the companies new factories will hopefully flood their respective continents with lower cost Tesla vehicles.

However, the United Kingdom has a complicated Tesla import outlook due to their recent Brexit situation. While the vehicles do come in right-hand drive on boats from the US from time-to-time, they certainly would benefit from a nearer manufacturing hub.

Well, enter a report from British magazine, Property Week. They reportedly have uncovered ongoing talks between the UK government and Tesla, that seems to aim at a large property acquisition for a future hub.

The government is working with industry to help make the UK the location of choice to develop world-class electric vehicle technologies. DIT is working closely with partners to scope out sites for new investment into electric vehicle research, development, and manufacturing across the UK.

While the Berlin Gigafactory will be within reasonable distance to the island nation, the EU/UK import and manufacturing could definitely be less complex. While it’s unclear if the 640-acre plot of land attached to this report would be used for a factory or research facility, either would be a positive foothold for Tesla.

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