Tesla News: Smart Summon Update Will be Rolling out Few Weeks

It looks as though Tesla owners haven’t held back on using the smart summoning feature they received in one of the latest firmware updates, because the brilliant minds have been sieving through millions of uses to upgrade it further in a soon to be coming update.

With the feature allowing owners to summon a car from a parking space to where the owner stands, the feature wowed users across the globe with a car that is getting increasingly close to full autonomy. Despite some owners abusing the new feature, it already promised to be massively helpful. For example, those with disabilities could rest easy knowing the car would come to them.

In a talk about the autonomy of the car, Elon Musk explains how real-world use will allow the feature to be perfected, with each update coming closer to perfection. Thankfully for Tesla, the feature is rather addictive, so it’s no surprise they have plenty of information to work from. 

“It’s now over 1 million uses of Smart Summon, and in the next week or so we will be releasing an improved version of Smart Summon taking into account all the data from those 1 million Smart Summon attempts,” Musk says.

“So, this really illustrates the value of having a massive fleet, because it allows us to collect these corner cases and learn from them, and use street learning and become rapidly better just as Navigator and Autopilot did on the freeway.

“So, expect a number of improvements in Smart Summon in the weeks to come. And this is really just the beginning as we collect more data and Autopilot and Full Self-Driving functionality get better.”

Summon is yet to be approved for use in Europe due to legislation and restrictions around the Autopilot software thanks to the United Nations. Of course, with the number of Tesla owners steadily growing in these countries, and therefore more complaints from owners that they can’t use the features to their full extent, it might not be long until someone decides these cars are safe.

What have your Smart Summon experiences been like so far?

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