Tesla News: ‘Spaceship’ Added To Future Products According To New Job Description

Tesla has hinted at a future tie-in with SpaceX after an advert for a senior vehicle designer role hinted at the task of “spaceship design”. This comes after we’ve seen an increase in overlap between the two Elon Musk-owned companies as they begin to share resources and staff.

Now, this advert is hinting to even more of an overlap as the job offer implies:

Using your considerable production design experience and innovative thinking, you will primarily be tasked with creating designs for future cars, but may also be called upon for other design tasks (product design, spaceship design, etc) based on your skillset. Our design team prides itself on being multi-talented and flexible, and we look for the same in our potential candidates. You will report to the Senior Manager of Vehicle Design, and this position resides in Tesla’s Design Studio in Hawthorne, California.

Located at Tesla’s Hawthorne Design Studio, which sis next to SpaceX’s headquarters, it’s likely that this new job will function between the two buildings. SpaceX is currently working on Starship, a super heavy-lift vehicle capable of being reused to lower costs, and Elon has mentioned in the past that this vehicle will be used to colonise Mars, as well as enable incredibly fast travel from Earth to a number of spaceports.

Tesla is already planning on adding SpaceX technology to the Roadster V2, it’s no surprise that the shared knowledge of both companies will enable something truly brilliant in the future. It’s also rumoured that SpaceX will be using Tesla technology in the interior of its vehicles via the likes of screens, seats, and design. This seems an obvious answer to cutting costs while also giving Tesla another revenue stream.

We’ll be excited to see what happens in the future as both companies start to blend their technologies.


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