Tesla News: The Last Roadster Can be Yours for $1.5 Million

Once a car goes to space, expect the model to cost a little bit more to add to your collection. That’s the case with the special Tesla Roadster going for sale in Switzerland.

Not only is the car an important piece of EV history, but it was also the very last of its kind to roll of the assembly line. That’s right, while the 1 of 2,500 edition was the one Elon Musk sent to space, this is the 2,500 of 2,500 car.

The car has been kept as close to mint as you could expect, with barely 120 miles on it and protective film still in tact from the factory. It’s also been customized with special white paint and black and white interior. Even more next level is the carbon fiber trim and rear diffuser.

To take it even further, this specific car was one of “Roadster Sport Final Four” cars which were sent to Europe and Asia. There’s a commemorative plaque installed on the firewall that has the signatures of staff that made the car.

The original Roadster might not be as high performance or practical as the cars coming out of Tesla today, but it still has a crucial spot in the legacy of electrification. Do you think it’s worth $1.5 million?

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