Tesla News: This RC Cybertruck Raises The DIY Bar To A Whole New Level

Redditor, u/Danny_GH, blew our minds today, when he released a video of his 1:17 scale Tesla Cybertruck, or CyberMini. The remote-controlled contraption was put together with a plastic skeleton, and metal body panels, and can drive around while being controlled via bluetooth from an app.

The model is extremely accurate, with adaptive suspension, working doors, and even a working tailgate and vault, like the full-sized version. In the video, Danny shows all of these features in action, along with his sleek ipad app, which controls them.

In the video, we see the CyberMini zoom away at impressive speeds, even though its creator hasn’t yet logged its performance figures. The truck uses 18650 batteries, so it should get a pretty respectable range and recharge time, though the numbers haven’t yet been tested.

Electric vehicles make the perfect RC car inspirations, because of how similar to the real thing the electric toy versions drive. If only there were a G.I. Joe-style Elon Musk action figure, which could stand on top of this thing. Maybe even a Boring Tunnel that it could squeeze into, made of PVC pipe.

Danny has set up a subreddit for his creation, r/CyberMini, where anyone who is interested can see updates on his project, or get involved with a round of pre-ordering for a small batch of 20. Danny hasn’t unveiled the pricing for his mysterious project either, but I’m willing to be a lot of people will be willing to shell out for these awesome toys.

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