Tesla News: Twitter User Creates Model Y From Elon Musk’s Face And It’s Perfect

A Twitter user has turned Elon Musk’s face into a Tesla Model Y in a hilarious new post.

It’s been a fun trend for a little while to Photoshop different people into objects. However, this one is pretty impressive and has clearly gone down well with other Twitter users with 617,800 likes and 78,900 retweets.

Other Twitter users started running with it and having fun in the comments, one took a screenshot of the finished Photoshop edit and branded it “Teslon Musk”.

Another user posted the video as well so it is not clear which is the original. Taking a jab at some of Musk’s recent business choices for the social media platform, they wrote:

“NEW: The musk-mobile; powered by the blood of his former employees.”

Elon Musk has been getting a lot of press recently after buying Twitter and instantly making some very big changes, including letting roughly half of the workforce go which ended in a lawsuit being filed against the company, dissolving the board of directors to become the sole owner, and bringing in the $8 per month subscription to have a blue tick which you had to be verified to have one before. Musk has also been bringing in more strict rules for the staff including bringing an end to home working by giving them an ultimatum.

The Model Y has also been growing in popularity. It became the most sold vehicle in Europe in September of this year and also became the second-most popular car in the UK. The Model Y is all-wheel drive with a dual motor, and like the rest of the Tesla range it is incredibly quick off the mark with a 0-62 mph time of just 3.5 seconds. It also comes with a 319 mile range on the Performance specification and a 331 mile range on the Long Range specification.

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