Tesla News: V3 Superchargers Ramping Up Production For Deployment

Back in the day, Tesla stressed the importance of 95-100% coverage of their markets with their exclusive Supercharger network. While early adopters had the perk of unlimited free charging, something that went away as more people bought electric cars, the network was pivotal in Tesla’s expansion.

At one point, Tesla had the goal of deploying 18,000 of their Superchargers around the world by 2019. Well, like most predictions made by the company and its CEO, they are running behind schedule.

Today, there are less than 17,000 superchargers. Which is still very impressive, especially considering how infrequently most EV owners charge away from home. On the other hand, there could always be more.

Well as Musk tweeted recently, after rubbing elbows with customers at a Florida Supercharger, the cause has been the ramping up of their newest generation charger.

You see, the V3 charger, which is the most current model, allows for much greater charging speeds. Its 250 kW peak, outclasses the V1 and V2 chargers 150 kW peak, and the 72 kW delivered by their lower-spec’d urban chargers.

The new chargers can charge a whopping 75 miles of range in just five minutes. This is largely thanks to its higher wattage, but also the implementation of smart battery warm-up, which gets the car prepped to charge en-route to the charger.

As Musk said on Twitter, they’ve been holding off on installing V1 and V2 chargers, while developing the next generation. Now that they’re ready to install the improved model, things will get cracking again.

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